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Controlling Sea Lice on Salmon Farms

  • How can I most effectively control sea louse numbers for my farm? 
    Each farm has different environmental conditions - such as temperature, salinity, water currents, and local species. There are also different farming constraints - such as available treatments, sea louse thresholds, neighbouring farms, and regulations. 
  • How do I maximise the efficacy of my chemical treatments over time? 
    Frequent use of chemical treatments results in genetic resistance. The growth of resistance is influenced by many factors, including the pattern of treatment application and local conditions. Evolution of genetic resistance plays out over a long time and tipping points can be invisible.
  • What is the most effective strategy for deploying cleaner fish on my farm?
    Timing and quantity of cleaner fish deployment can have major impacts. In addition, cleaner fish are better suited to certain environments.


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