Dr. Gregor McEwan

Gregor is a Computer Scientist by training. For the last several years he has been at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada, building computer simulation models of aquaculture systems. His work has enabled deeper understanding of both technical skills – such as Artificial Intelligence techniques and big data analysis – and interdisciplinary collaboration with people from fields such as epidemiology, pathology, ecology, statistics, genetics, and veterinary research.
Gregor received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. His PhD thesis work analysed large datasets of online activity to explore community structures. He received his M.Sc. from the University of Calgary, Canada, and his B.Sc. from the University of Queensland, Australia. During this time he also taught computer science courses on many different topics.
He has worked as a Research Scientist at internationally recognised technology research companies in Australia. In these roles he performed cutting edge research investigating and building technology to help small groups of people collaborate. 


Dr. Vince Repaci

Vince’s career has spanned science and industry in diverse roles where he has applied cutting edge research to solve real world problems. He has a PhD in conservation and evolutionary genetics with an emphasis on data analysis. His PhD work used next generation sequencing to understand and manage animal populations. He has taught at universities in Australasia and North America, running courses on genetics, molecular biology, medicine, and statistics.
In industry, Vince has specialized in solving complex problems as a consultant and project manager. Working with governments, non-government agencies, and a wide range of industries, he has provided expert insight for organizations and led project teams in meeting their goals and delivering outcomes. In this work he has combined technical skills, data driven decision-making, and a deep understanding of people and organizations to create meaningful and lasting changes.
Vince attributes his successes to a lifelong curiosity about how things work and a passion for sharing knowledge with people.


Dr. James McEwan

James has a PhD in environmental engineering. He developed of the first integrated hydrodynamic, transport, and water quality model of Moreton Bay, an important environmental, economic and cultural resource adjacent to a major city (Brisbane, Australia). The model was subsequently adopted as a major component of the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay Study (BRMBS). BRMBS was an interdisciplinary study of Moreton Bay and its major tributaries, initiated to address water quality issues. It linked sewage and diffuse loading with environmental degradation. He has provided consultancy services to various institutions relating to hydrological modelling, satellite image processing, and software development.

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